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Steve Pomroy is a professional flight instructor and aviation writer. He has been teaching since 1995 and holds an Airline Transport Pilot License, Class 1 Instructor and Aerobatic Instructor Ratings, military QFI, and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He's written and published three flight training books through his company, SkyWriters Publishing, and has several other books under development. Steve currently teaches RCAF pilot candidates on their Primary Flight Training course.

Friday, September 4, 2015


So I've been working pretty hard for the past several months with business partner and 3-D graphics genius Mario Sabogal to start up an aviation tutorials website. The result of our efforts can be found at www.piloteffect.com.

It's possible that Skywriters will get merged into PilotEffect, but we're still working out the details.

So check out Piloteffect.com, we've got some awesome aviation tutorial videos, with more to come!