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Monday, August 15, 2011

What to Do ... Where to Go ...

So now that I've got the Weekly Aviation Tips Email up and running (with a nice beginning set of subscribers), I have a dilemma to solve. Incidentally, a dilemma is not, as one of my old engineering classmates joked, two lemmas (where a "lemma" is a type of mathematical theorem).

So here's the question: What do I do with this blog? Do I discontinue it (nope)? Do I use it to expand on the tips that get sent out weekly? Do I try to separate it fully from the weekly tips? The first option is a non-starter. With an established readership, I'd have to be silly to just stop. So really the dilemma is whether I tie the blog to the weekly emails or not. There are pros and cons both ways, so I'm a little torn.

If I tie the blog to the weekly emails, that give me an opportunity to expand on topics that may only be partly covered in the email. That's a plus. But it would probably require me to re-write the email here to bring blog readers up to speed. This makes the email redundant. It also might annoy subscribers who only get part of the info in the email and have to surf to get the rest.

Separating the blog from the weekly emails keeps both products fresh and independent. A plus. But it requires me to think of more things to write! Hopefully, with the informality of a blog, that won't be too much of a hurdle:)! Not to mentin the fact that I hope to have fairly frequent guest writers for the Weekly Tips. However, the separation of the two products cuts off any opportunities for them to compliment one another.

So I guess the way I'm leaning is to keep the two products separate, but occasionally use the blog to expand on the email (or vice versa) when I can do so without having to re-write from scratch.

Thoughts? Comments?

Incidentally, if you haven't already signed up for the weekly email, you can do so with the link in the first paragraph or with the form to the left.

Semi-regular blog posts should pick up again in the near future!

Happy Flying!