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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Top 10 Christmas Gifts for a Pilot

Xmas is nearly here (9 more sleeps!). So it's probably past time to start thinking about what to get your favorite pilot for the big day. Nonetheless, if you're like me and prefer to do all of your Xmas shopping on the 24th in one big HURRAH, you might need some pointers. So, with that in mind, The Top 10 Christmas gifts for a Pilot:

Ok, I have to admit a little bias here. I don't really get airplanes that have to stay right-side-up all the time. What's the point of living in three dimensions and then handicapping yourself by cutting one of them off??? Real pilots do it inverted (for further on this, refer to last item on the list). In preparation for doing it inverted, this book will help your pilot develop an awareness and understanding of basic aerobatic maneuvers.

Pilots may sometimes seem superhuman (which, for some reason, non-pilots often refer to as inhuman, go figure), but they still gotta eat! The best place to eat is at or near an airport—especially after flying there. It's a law of nature. This handy guide will help with that.

In case your pilot gets lost, the Spot Satellite Messenger will help you find him/her. Of course, if you'd rather s/he stay lost, you can just ignore the text messages and emails it sends you.

Pilots like shiny things. Watches are shiny.

This particular watch is also useful: it tells time, it tells time (yes, it tells time twice), and it has a handy dandy flight computer build into the bezel—so your pilot can even do airplane stuff when s/he's not in an airplane.

For some reason, photography is a common hobby among pilots. It probably has something to do with having such a great view from one's office. I know at least 2 pilots who have gone pro and started making money off their picture-taking, and a multitude of others who are hard-core photo hobbyists, even on the ground. Your pilot probably already has a camera for taking simple snapshots. You need to get him/her something fancy! I'm a fan of the Canon Digital Rebel, since that's what I have (and for no other reason, really, no expert here).

As one of the reviewers says, "Don't buy these unless [your pilot] can handle copious amounts of awesome.".

And not just any flashlight will do. It has to be a Maglite. These things are bulletproof. Not that we usually carry bullets in airplanes. But we do usually carry pilots in airplanes, and these lights are even pilotproof. Simply amazing.

If you're shopping for me, this is the ticket! Pilots have all kinds of cool gadgets and stuff, and we need a cool bag to carry it all around in. Unlike many other flight bags, this one actually had some thought put into it's design. So it's built around the size, shape, and likely organization of pilot stuff.

Check out the demo video here.

Pilots love showing off, ahem, I mean, having passengers. Ask your pilot to take you up for a flight, then cover the costs of the trip.

And, the number 1 Xmas gift for your pilot:

Need I say more? Need details? Check it out here.

Note that this gift can be conveniently packaged together with the previous one.

Happy Flying!

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